Our promise

Eco Drift

  • Uncompromising quality: Because we are proud with what we do and strive to deliver only the best. Always looking for and pushing through innovations, that improve quality and results.

  • Reliability: “No” and “can't do” are not part of our dictionary– Our goal is highest possible standard and we strive for it, no matter the circumstances. We are always ready to help and to embrace a challenge. A job too big, too small or too difficult doesn't exist for us! Highly motivated and capable team. Our employees are directly employed and trained to exceed standards! Intense customer service, best cleaning practices and h&S training is provided for every employee. A core values and culture fit is paramount for us.

  • Convenience: We have developed what we believe are the best practices for monitoring the working process and communicating with our customers. We take care of the cleaning and manage the contract for you! No more need to worry about what has been or not been done! Here at Eco Drift we make sure everything is working smoothly from day one and we keep constantly the highest standards.

  • Efficiency: Achieving maximum results with less resources and time, by introducing innovations and perfecting procedures, hence reducing costs.

  • Sustainability: We will assist you meet your social responsibility and environmental targets. Recycling, reducing water and energy consumption in the office.

  • Flexibility: we listen to you and adjust our practices around your needs.

  • Productivity and creativity boost: Creating clean, healthy environment that boosts.

  • Productivity and creativity: We help you design and maintain cleaner, safer and healthier office space to improve wellbeing and creativity of employees and to reduce stress and anxiety.