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Eco Drift Commercial Cleaning is offering a wide range of specialised services in it's portfolio, to suit every customer and venue. There is not task too big, too small or too unconventional for Eco Drift team!

Commercial Office Cleaning

Eco Drift

Commercial office cleaning

Eco Drift provides comprehensive commercial office cleaning services tailor made to match  your bespoke specification, industry requirements, facilities and budget.

In order to provide the highest level of cleaning and smooth running of the operations, we follow few simple steps for every cleaning contract.


Kitchen Cleaning

Eco Drift

Kitchen cleaning

Ensuring a consistently high standard of hygiene in commercial catering environment is a must in order to comply with the government legislation and to prevent spread of bacterial contamination, diseases and pest infestations.

Eco Drift team will be more than happy to undertake this important task for you, so you can focus on preparing those yummies of yours and making your customers happy!


Carpet Cleaning

Eco Drift

Carpet cleaning

The carpets, especially in busy business and leisure centers are subject to a heavy footfall and are constantly attacked and decorated with beverage spills, scuff marks and all kind of dirt. Eco Drift's  rug, carpet and upholstery cleaning & maintenance program is especially designed to keep them looking fresh and clean.


Environmental Consultancy

Eco Drift

Reuse and reduce

Nowadays we are all aware of the environmental issues, such as global warming, pollution, deforestation and shortage of natural resources.  That is why it is important that we challenge ourselves to live greener and to transform our companies into more sustainable businesses.


Contract Management

Eco Drift

Contract management

We might not be the biggest in the country, but we are striving to be one of the best and most innovative companies in the industry! We can offer comprehensive cleaning services Monday to Friday or 24/7, 365 days a year depending on your specific requirements. Here at Eco Drift we we strive for the best and make sure everything is working smoothly from day one.


Specialist Cleaning

Eco Drift

Specialist cleaning

Very often we are asked to undertake unconventional tasks and as we love challenges and have tons of experience in all aspects of cleaning, we are happy to help!


Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintanance

Eco Drift

Hard Floor Maintanance and Cleaning

Hard floors contrary to their name are vulnerable to deterioration and dirt, when subject to heavy use and need routine cleaning and maintenance. It is of crucial importance that the correct techniques, machinery and products are used for maintaining and restoring the original finish of hard  floors.


COVID19 Deep Clean Services

Eco Drift

Electrostatic sprayer s2 web

Eco Drift Commercial Cleaning is offering electrostatic COVID19 Deep Disinfection Clean services to help keeping your premises clean and safe.