Eco Drift introduces its Employee Assistance Programme

In January 2024, we announced an exciting new partnership that reflects our ongoing commitment to our staff's mental health and well-being. 

Eco Drift has teamed up with Bupa to introduce our new Employee Assistance Programme, a service designed to offer support when we could all use a helping hand.

What is the EcoDrift Employee Assistance Programme?

The Eco Drift Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a free 24-hour confidential helpline service available to all our employees, their partners or spouses, and children over 16 living at home free of charge.

The EAP provides emotional and practical support, helping our team with personal challenges, work-related stress, grief, anxiety, depression, or addiction, and offers trained counselors for guidance and support.

Practical support provision includes support for things like:

  • money management
  • landlord disputes
  • divorce
  • consumer rights

Qualified counselors operate the helpline, specifically picked to help employees work through challenges and find solutions. All calls are kept confidential (where there is no risk of harm).

Other resources in our Employee Assistance Programme

Each team member has unlimited access to a range of self-help tools, like factsheets, mindfulness blogs, and a nutrition quiz via the online platform. Tools are aimed to provide support where there is no need for a support call or to add extra information to those calls.

Why we have decided to include an Employee Assistance Programme in our workplace offer

“For me, our hard-working team must receive all the support they may need at work and in their personal lives since work and life are inherently intertwined. You can't look at work and life in isolation. Everyone faces unique challenges and struggles and needs support. At Eco Drift, we are cultivating a spirit of family and ensuring our team has access to all the necessary support to live and thrive. That is why we have introduced the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). Through this program, our team and their direct family members can receive free, confidential advice on everything from mental health to managing financial challenges.”

- Antoni Dimitrov, Founder and CEO of Eco Drift commercial Cleaning.

The EAP is now open to all existing employees and new ones.