Eco Drift switches to 100% recycled workwear fleeces

We are excited to share that we have recently acquired workwear fleeces made from 100% recycled plastics from a sustainable manufacturer. This will not only provide our team with comfortable and long-lasting clothing but also help us reduce plastic waste by supporting higher recycling rates.

Why we wanted to make the switch to recycled workwear

Recent estimates suggest that households in the United Kingdom dispose of approximately 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging annually, which equates to an average of 66 items per household per week.

That amounts to a significant environmental challenge, given that in 2021 alone, approximately 2.5 million metric tons of plastic packaging waste were generated nationwide. 

Despite numerous campaigns and initiatives aimed at reducing plastic waste, the recycling rate of plastics in the UK remains at a mere 45%. That means that more than half of all plastic waste generated in the country, amounting to a staggering 55%, ultimately ends up in landfills or the ocean, posing a severe threat to the environment and marine life.

It highlights the need for urgent action to reduce plastic consumption and promote more sustainable waste management practices.

Sustainable manufacturing is one solution to help with this problem. As plastic can now be processed into workable clothing fibres, it made sense to look for a solution that helped recycle more plastic and used clothing at the end of its life.

So, what do our recycled workwear fleeces look like?

Our fleeces are crafted from high-quality materials that comprise of 100% recycled plastic bottles - but they look and feel as comfortable as standard workwear fleeces.

The fleece body of the jacket is complemented with softshell panels and dark reflective trim that enhances visibility and keeps staff safe in low-light conditions. 

It features three external pockets, including a concealed zipped chest pocket that provides ample essentials storage.

High-quality zips made from recycled material ensure that our staff can use their fleece jackets for a long time without worrying about wear and tear.

The future of our switch to recycled workwear

We are continuing our efforts to switch to recycled workwear, with plans to introduce polo shirts and trousers in the near future. However, our current fleeces have been a big hit with our staff, keeping them warm during winter.

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