How often should you deep clean your office carpets? Well, it depends!

Wondering how often you should deep clean your office carpets? Wonder no more, because, in today’s handy guide, we will cover all of the factors you need to help you make a decision.

What impacts your decision on how often to clean your office carpets

Keeping your office carpets clean is not an easy task, but a good deep clean can make all the difference. How much work that is and how often you need to do it depends on several factors.

How often you use the office space and foot traffic

If your office receives a high level of footfall from staff, suppliers and clients, then you will see a significant dirt build-up in your carpets. Carpet cleaning would naturally be something that you do more often. A deeper clean may also need to become a more regular option too.

Before you make your decision ask yourself - how often do people interact with this space?

We suggest deep-cleaning rotas for the following use cases

  • Daily use with heavy footfall - Deep clean, every 6 months supported by daily vacuum and spot carpet cleaning as soon as stains appear. 
  • Daily use with medium to light footfall - every 8-12 months supported by daily vacuum and spot carpet cleaning as soon as stains appear. 

The size, style and colour of your carpet

Let’s talk about size first. Maybe you have a small carpet which is rarely used, or maybe your small carpet is in reception and gets heavy use. Or maybe you have a large office space which only has heavy footfall along certain routes (i.e. between desks), or maybe that large office space is used only when you have larger client or supplier meetings. Wherever your usage falls will determine how often you need to deep clean your carpet.

Likewise, you need to consider the colour, density, pile and design of your office carpet. The lighter the colour, the more obvious dirt will be. The denser and higher the pile and the more dirt and debris get stuck between your carpet fibres. If you have a more ornate pattern, dirt may also be easy to spot.

We suggest deep-cleaning rotas for the following use cases

  • Small/large space with heavy footfall - every 6 months
  • Small/large space with medium to light footfall - every 8-12 months
  • Lighter colour carpets - every 6 months
  • Darker colour carpets - every 6-12 months
  • High pile carpets - every 6 months
  • Low pile carpets - every 6-12 months

Seasons and the weather

Just like footfall, seasons and weather can affect how quickly your office carpet needs to be deep cleaned. Reception carpets immediately spring to mind here as they are the most used carpets in our offices.

On a rainy day, everyone who enters the building will make your reception carpet a little wet and a little dirty from the weather. On a dry day, staff are likely to bring in more dust. Doormats can mitigate part of the problem, however salt, grit and mud, will still end up on the carpet in the office. These factors will affect your decision on deep cleaning frequency.

We suggest deep-cleaning rotas for the following use cases

  • Wet seasons - Before and after (October and early March)
  • Dry seasons - every 6 months

The type of in-between cleaning

Typically office cleaning schedules dictate hoovering daily, but how effective that hoovering session is will have bearing on your schedule for deeper cleaning. So too will be your choice to spot clean stains as they happen.

What you can do in between deep cleans to keep your office carpets clean

If you are using a commercial carpet cleaning company to work with you daily or weekly there are several things they can do to maintain your office carpet in between a deep clean.

Regular vacuuming

By regularly vacuuming your office carpets you will remove much of the embedded dirt and dust. This will keep your carpets looking and feeling cleaner for longer.

Our top tip is to ask staff to tidy around their desks and office spaces before they leave, allowing cleaning staff easy access to make the best use of your time and hoover a wider area.

Stain cleaning or spot cleaning

During a working day, your carpet takes a lot, from dirty shoes, food crumbs to the odd dirty box.

Less often a spill happens. 

Left uncared for and a stain can ruin a perfectly good carpet. Stain or spot cleaning is available from carpet cleaning services like ours to help you manage your office space and keep it looking presentable.

How Eco Drift Ltd can help you deep clean your office carpets in an eco-friendly way

As part of our office cleaning service offer, we specialise in eco-friendly carpet cleaning. This service is bespoke and works with how regularly you need us. Within that offer, we also offer a deep cleaning service, making sure that your space is spotless.

This is how our eco-friendly approach works.

We save water

Our methods of deep cleaning office spaces use up to 75% less water than traditional methods. This saves you money on bills and helps us achieve a more sustainable approach to office cleaning.

We save energy

We also use energy-efficient cleaning equipment, which reduces our dependence on electricity.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products

Our cleaning products are both bio-degradable and certified eco-friendly making them the best choice in everything we do. They are also highly effective, so you can be sure that when we say deep clean, we mean it.

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