Introducing the Healthy Workplace Guide

Introducing the Healthy Workplace Guide – a helpful tool to aid you in reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria in the working environment.

Along with the guidelines issued by the Government a good hygiene intervention program is needed to minimize the risk of infection outbreaks.

Our Healthy Workplace Guide below lists the best hygiene procedures and practices recommended for your premises, which along with a vigorous cleaning regime by a cleaning contractor will reduce the risk of the potential spread of the pathogens and infections:

  • Recommended work-space hygiene supplies: Provision of hand sanitizing stations next to the entrance door of the office, supplied with a hand sanitizer (EN 14476 approved)
  • Supply of virucidal and bactericidal surface disinfecting wipes and/or surface sanitizer (EN 14476 approved)
  • Supply of facial tissues for employees (for use when sneezing, coughing, wiping/blowing nose)
  • Supply of clean paper towels in the kitchen
  • Supply of hand soap in the kitchen

All members of staff are advised to:

  • Sanitise hands when entering and leaving the office
  • Sanitise hands after touching communal surfaces
  • Sanitise hands after touching the nose or face
  • Wash hands for the 20s with soap and dry with a clean paper towel after using the restroom and before eating food
  • Regular daily wipe/disinfect of shared workstation before and after use (including desk, keyboards, touchscreen, printers, phones, headsets, copiers)
  • Wipe disinfect conference room tables, phones, chair armrests before and after use
  • Regular daily wipe/disinfect of the kitchen area, before and after use (including kitchen tops, tables, chairs, handles, and buttons (sink tap, fridge, kettle, microwave, coffee, and vending machine, etc)
  • Adopting a clear desk policy on a daily basis

The long-term implementation of those measures by all members of staff might be challenging or not practical in some settings. This is where additional solutions play a vital role.

One such method is the application of an antimicrobial coating to all high-touch areas in the workplace. It creates an invisible layer that is durable and is actively killing germs for up to 30 days with a single application.

It is a versatile and cost-effective solution for treating high-risk areas in public/office spaces ( incl. door handles, buttons, desks, chairs, keyboards, mice, phones, headsets, office equipment, kitchen surfaces, appliances, upholstery).

If you would like to learn more about the antimicrobial coating or the Healthy Workplace Guide, please drop us a line at [email protected]