New Year’s resolutions for better business

New Year’s resolutions for better business

Now that the festive season has come to an end, we find ourselves reflecting on our personal and professional goals of 2022. One of the main resolutions that people tend to make each new year have to do with improving their health and their business. 

It is important therefore to consider how important it is to keep the office tidy and clean and how this could perhaps positively have an impact on health and business. According to research conducted by the University of Wageningen in 2018, cleanliness has a positive impact on employees, increasing productivity and job satisfaction. Employers found that they were being more productive when working in a cleaner and tidier environment. 

As the cleaning market has changed since the start of the pandemic, so have consumers' preferences have shifted towards being healthier and eco-friendlier.  With these new cleaning trends emerging and gaining momentum, traditional cleaning is slowly being replaced by the preferred eco-friendly method. January is the time to reflect on what has worked and how to develop strategies to continue to improve.

So how can these resolutions help you with your business goals in 2022? Here are some New Year resolutions for your team and business to make 2022 the healthiest and most successful year yet. 


It is important to design a working space that is tidy and free of clutter. An efficient layout and organisation can make a difference when wanting to improve the productivity and mental health of the team. The start of the new year is the right time to get creative, get rid of unnecessary clutter and make the most of the office space. It is also the best time to implement changes that might help the business run smoothly throughout the year and have a happier, healthier and more productive team.

Becoming Eco-friendly

The world is increasingly concerned about climate change and the negative impacts it has on our health and on the environment. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that many businesses are realising the importance of making a difference.

Becoming eco-friendly at work is a great way to remove harmful chemicals from the workplace, improving employees' health and at the same time, reducing the negative impacts on the environment. In 2022, make a commitment to become an eco-friendly, cleaner business by taking a few easy steps.

Look at ways to implement new environmentally friendly practices such as recycling programs, or moving to a digital workflow instead of using paper to reduce the businesses’ carbon footprint. Consider upgrading outdated equipment to newer models that require less energy and resources or changing to a more environmentally friendly energy provider.

Switch cleaning supplies to earth-friendly, use natural products or use the services of a company like Eco Drift, who with their unique cleaning formula, are one of the very few companies in the Hampshire and Reading area, that can provide top quality green cleaning service without compromising in quality across all sectors of the industry - from office cleaning to food industry and health care.

Being Consistent

Resolutions in the New Year can be initially motivational, however, sticking to them can be challenging because running a business is challenging enough.

Sticking to a routine is important, try to stick to a regular cleaning schedule that continuously takes care of the maintenance and can address any issues that may come up in the future. While all this might seem like a lot to do or just have no time, we are happy to help you get started. Eco Drift can arrange a meeting to evaluate your building or workplace to create a bespoke solution that can meet your requirements.

To recap- what are the benefits of hiring a professional Commercial Cleaning Company?

There are many benefits obtained when hiring a professional cleaning company if you want keep up with your New Year’s resolution.  

Commercial cleaning companies can help you keep your employees happier, healthier and more productive. Larger cleaning jobs can be left up to a professional cleaner to free your team time to focus on their job.

Using a professional cleaning company will save you money: Using a professional cleaning company can provide a consistently high standard of cleaning, by using proven methods and products, which will guarantee reliability and efficiency. That will drastically reduce your involvement in the process and will save you money and resources.

The team from Eco Drift are trained to the highest standards and continuously working on their professional development. 

Cleaning companies have the right equipment as doing your own cleaning requires heavily investing in industrial and expensive equipment. Using a commercial cleaning company, on the other hand, will ultimately save you money and time, by always keeping your premises immaculate. 


So, keep your workspace tidy and clean by using the professional Commercial Cleaning services from the Eco Drift team to ensure your resolutions are not broken by the end of January.  Just contact us and request a quote to receive 2022 in the best possible way!