News: London's public toilets are inadequate, according to recent reports

 London's public toilets are deficient, according to a recent report

Some Londoners are purposely dehydrating themselves for fear of being unable to find a public toilet when they need one, according to a recent report.

Public toilets are integral to making the capital accessible, inclusive, and economically viable, but it seems London’s toilets are not meeting these expectations. A recent study by the London Assembly Health Committee find that councils should be legally obliged to provide toilets. This comes as a result of Londoners admitting to restricting intake of fluids in order to avoid having to look public toilet when needed.

A survey of 3,504 people in London showed that around 91%  feel  that toilet provision are not meeting their needs. Results also showed that finding a public toilet was even more challenging when being disabled or having a long-term health condition. The London Assembly Health Committee chairperson Caroline Russell said: "It is simply not acceptable that people are purposefully dehydrating." "Some even feel they cannot leave the house at all.

"Our findings should serve as a wake-up call that having no place to go can have serious physical and mental health consequences. Public toilets are not just a convenience - they're a necessity." Currently, there is no obligation for local authorities to provide public toilets, making them susceptible to budget cuts. The committee has described toilets as vital to making London inclusive, accessible, and economically viable.

Some of the 12 recommendations from the London Assembly Health Committee find that the government should provide funding for council-run public toilets, and that businesses should also be encouraged to open their facilities to the public and advertise this. An easy-to-find toilet map on a mobile app was also recommended.

How to keep toilets clean

Toilets are one of the dirtiest parts of the working area, harbouring a myriad of bacteria and that is potentially hazardous when left uncleaned. 

Unclean toilets, could potentially lower productivity levels, and increase the chance of illnesses, employees and clients alike. In order to get rid of germs, bacteria or viruses, it seems only logic to clean toilets regularly. Dirty toilets can be a haven unwanted germ in the workplace, besides causing potential health problems for employees. Therefore, it is vital to clean toilets at work at least once a day.

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