Our Team in the Spotlight: Liliana Ghenea

Our team in the spotlight: Liliana Ghenea

At Eco Drift, we appreciate and value all members of our team. Without them, the work simply wouldn’t be complete. Every one of our members of staff gives strength to the business. And in appreciation for her efforts, it is our pleasure to showcase our very own, Liliana Ghenea. 

As a cleaning operative at Eco Drift Commercial Cleaning, Liliana has been working with us for many years and has been working hard every day to ensure that everything is cleaned to the highest standards, ensuring compliance with Covid-19 precautions every time.

Her friendliness and openness have quickly established a good reputation amongst our team and clients alike.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Ghenea Liliana, I really enjoy helping the people around me with everything I can! I am married and have two daughters.


2. What do you do at Eco Drift, and what is your day like?

I work as a cleaning assistant in 1000 Atrium and some of the offices in the building. I work when people have left the offices. The shift can be very varied and there is a lot to do. I am always busy. I cover workspaces, break rooms, kitchen areas and washrooms every day at the highest standard. I like to make sure that the offices are professionally cleaned and bring a smile to staff’s faces.  


3. Why did you decide to join Eco Drift?

My first job in the UK was at Eco Drift, and I loved it so much, that I stayed. I like the team, I like what I do, but what I like the most is that people are always smiling no matter the day and nice to everyone. My husband Marian works here too. He works during the day, and I work in the evenings. Eco Drift is a family, you always get help when you need it, and our boss is the best!


4. What makes Eco Drift different from other commercial cleaning companies?

To be able to work for Eco Drift you just must want to be part of the most beautiful team in the world together with the best and most understanding boss! He gives everyone their time and knows all his staff.


5. For those who have not used Eco Drift’s services before: How would you describe them?

Eco Drift offers a variety of specialised services, with highly trained cleaners. We are all aware of eco-friendly cleaning and providing clean and safe environments in the workplace. Eco Drift is very professional, take health and safety management seriously but are also very approachable and down to earth.


6. What do you do when you are not working at Eco Drift?

We have 2 wonderful girls and love to spend time with them going out for a walk to the beach or sightseeing with the family.