Our team in the spotlight: Alison Caturra

At Eco Drift, we appreciate and value all members of our team. The work we do, wouldn’t be complete without our Team’s efforts. Every one of our members of staff gives strength to the business. This week, in appreciation for her efforts, it is our pleasure to showcase our very own, Alison Caturra. 

As a cleaning operative at Eco Drift Commercial Cleaning, Alison has only been working with us over the past 7 months, but her presence has been felt. She not only shown an outstanding level of professionalism, ensuring that The Blade building is kept immaculate, clean, and safe. Her enthusiastic, friendly and considerate personality is contagious among the team.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello, my Name is Alison Caturra, I’m a wife and a mum. I was born in Malta, but I moved to the UK when I was 6 years old. I currently live in Reading.

2. What do you do at Eco Drift, and what is your day like?

I work at The Blade in Reading, Berkshire. My working day is busy helping to look after a 15-storey building. It is the first of the tallest buildings in Reading. One of my duties is to ensure the bathrooms are sanitised to a high standard and are clean and safe throughout the day. 

3. Why did you decide to join Eco Drift?

I was very interested in Eco Drift’s innovative cleaning without using harsh chemicals that can harm us and our planet, hence also looking after their colleagues and us as their staff.

4. How long have you been working at Eco Drift?

I have only been with Eco Drift since September 2021, but I have settled quickly into my roll and have been made to feel very welcomed and a valued member of the team.

5. What makes Eco Drift different from other commercial cleaning companies?

Eco Drift takes advantage of the cleaning industry’s innovation. They believe in taking care of the planet by using cleaning products that don’t contain harmful chemicals. The company believes in their people and supports them as well as looking after them. I believe that this is what makes Eco drift different from other commercial cleaning companies.

6. For those who have not used Eco Drift’s services before: How would you describe them?

A company that believes in making a difference for the planet and their staff. Eco Drift loves what they do.

7. What do you do when you are not working at Eco Drift?

When I’m not working at The Blade, I enjoy spending time with my family going on woodland walks, to the museums or watching a film at the cinema. I also enjoy making scented soy wax melts for friends and family. They are a safe alternative to spray air fresheners because they are naturally kinder to us and our planet.