What is 4D cleaning and why is it so important?

4D cleaning is the holistic approach to cleaning that encompasses surfaces, floors, walls and ceilings, plus the air. An approach which is now crucial as we move into hybrid working, after the enlightenment of the Covid-19 outbreak, versus the way we used to manage workspaces.

Why conventional cleaning no longer works and how 4D cleaning tackles the problem

Pre-Covid a cleaning company was commonly selected based on their cost over the detailed service they offer. This led to a huge rethink when it came to managing both team and client safety in and around business premises, as the outbreak hit.

Traditionally whilst other areas of facilities management took president, cleaning was always seen as a low-level manual task and therefore not worth investment. This meant that schedules for deep cleaning were often kept to a minimum. As lockdown started to lift and employers, like yourself, were considering how to reopen commercial premises, they suddenly found themselves faced with a health and safety conundrum.

This is where 4D cleaning comes in, a new approach to holistic cleaning which ensures a much safer environment for you and your staff. Tackling more regular and deeper cleaning, this system considers the entirety of your commercial space. No longer cleaning with just a mop and bucket, but considering walls, surfaces and the air your staff and clients breathe.

What does a 4D cleaning programme look like for facilities management?

Reconsidering your facilities management must include a closer look at cleaning these days and we believe 4D cleaning is the approach you should be taking. Addressing the way your team and clients interact with your space is going to be important and 4D cleaning has this covered.

4D cleaning - floors

As people move about your space the one contact point that will be important to keep clean is the floor. Clean floors avoid slip and trip hazards, plus the spread of germs from room to room.

4D cleaning cleans floors more efficiently with the use of modern equipment and less toxic, but targeted disinfection. It also aims to save water, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

4D cleaning - surfaces

Worktops, desktops, phones, doors, light switches, cabinets and tables are the second most common touch point in your workspace. Germs love to multiply and transfer through human touch and can survive for an extended period of time if they are given the opportunity.

4D cleaning provides more regular and rigorous sanitation, providing a more people-friendly space. This is a huge step forward as offices continue to adopt hybrid-working and hot desking.

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4D cleaning - walls and ceiling

Exposed to all manner of dirt and grime, walls and ceilings are often forgotten, sometimes because they are difficult to access. If you use air-conditioning or ventilate your working area daily then you need to consider the dirt and germs being rotated not just through the air, but landing on your walls and ceilings. This is equally true of your eating spaces, or commercial kitchens where oils and foodstuff may also add contaminates to walls and ceilings.

4D cleaning services can include electrostatic fogging, which disinfects surfaces, walls and ceilings through misting a positively charged cleaning solution which sticks to surfaces, avoiding run-off, and keeping your space cleaner for longer.

4D cleaning - air

During the pandemic, we were acutely reminded that air-borne contaminants were a threat to our safety, however, traditional cleaning methods simply do not address the need for this type of cleaning.

This is where the new 4D cleaning protocol comes in, by offering you air purification. Providing high-tech, but affordable solutions for businesses, care homes, hospitals and schools.

But is 4D cleaning more expensive?

It’s not as expensive to implement a 4D cleaning programme into your facilities management as you would think. Yes, there is a higher spend on equipment and products for a cleaning company and therefore their services to you, but these costs are exceeded by the efficiencies gained in your business. 

Modern floor cleaning equipment can save up to 75% on your water bills from cleaning activities and it reduces drying times up to 70%, meaning your premises become operational again in no time.

The equipment savings do not end there. More proficient cleaning from high-tech equipment can save you electricity bills through more efficient usage.

Air purification can kill up to 99.95% of airborne viruses and pathogens, meaning your staff take fewer sick days each year, increasing your productivity and sales.

Environmentally friendly cleaning materials also make a difference by reducing your waste and decreasing your overall council waste bill. Not to mention decreasing your carbon footprint.

The savings and gains made elsewhere in your business, by switching to 4D, certainly outweigh the minimal rise in costs of cleaning services.

The Eco Drift Cleaning Company embraces 4D cleaning

Health and hygiene in the workplace are under a great deal of scrutiny and with good reason. How safe your working environment is, is very dear to us and this is why we have embraced new cleaning techniques like 4D cleaning.

Contact us to find out how we can help you set up a 4D cleaning solution for your business today at 023 9228 7112 or by email at office@ecodrift.co.uk