Company Core Values

To be the company we are now in the future, we want to make sure every member of the team is proud of what we do and love the way we do it! That is why we have set our 8 core values, which are the DNA(soul and energy) of our company.

  • Deliver wOw to our customers – We aim to surprise and make them smile to the point of getting a wOw effect. We love to exceed expectations, through outstanding results, innovative ideas, and attention to detail!
  • Be Innovative – Defy the Status Quo, embrace challenges, always looking for fresh, innovative ways to tackle them! Nurture family spirit – Our people are our most valuable asset! We create a friendly, warm environment, where every team member feels valued and cared about.
  • Be curious – always seeking better and more efficient ways to improve performance and results. Adopt best practices and then improve them!
  • Be passionate – We are proud of what we do because we work with passion and determination, seeking satisfaction in results through achieving excellence! Create ripples of contribution – We like to give away above and beyond what is expected and we always try to deliver more with less! When everyone in the team is motivated to go that extra mile, we do achieve more!
  • Be honest and real – “Trust takes years to build and only seconds to break” We believe that an open approach and honesty, create the best relationships within the team as well as with our customers and suppliers.
  • Care about the Planet – We love our Nature and we are determined to preserve it. To leave a Greener and better World is our legacy.