COVID19 Deep Clean Services

How does it work:
The electrostatic sprayer, charges the disinfectant solution with a positive charge, before the solution gets atomised to a microscopic spray (droplets size between 80-150 microns).All surfaces are naturally negatively or neutrally charged. The electrostatic sprayer charges the disinfectant solution positively. When sprayed the disinfectant particles hold their charge for few seconds, allowing them to stuck to the surface and preventing run off. This effect allows the disinfectant to work for longer, ensuring it kills viruses and bacteria effectively.

Touchless application - with our method of disinfection, no equipment or possessions need to be touched, minimising the risk of cross contamination.Increased area coverage - due to the electrostatic effect the solution covers fully the targeted surface, including hidden and shadowed areas.Lasting effect - As there is no run off, there is no need to wipe areas down enabling the disinfectant to work longer, ensuring the viruses/bacteria are killed.Cost efficient – in most cases we are able to treat large premises in a very short time (usually less than 24hrs for business parks or schools). Our method of application uses 65% less product than standard spray/wipe methods with increaased efficiency.Minimal disruption - as the method is contactless we don't need to touch/move equipment or belongings and unless requested by you, the clean is carried outside of normal business working hours.Highly efficient and safe to use products - Our product is safe to use in food preparation areas.

If you would like to learn more about our electrostatic disinfection method or would like to get a non-obligatory quote, please get in touch and we will be happy to help!