Eco Drift Ltd’s company sustainability pledge

Our environmental impact as a commercial cleaning company in Hamshire is of great importance to us. How we operate and deliver our services is crucial if we are going to play our part in the 2050 drive to become net zero on carbon emissions.

While this tackles one specific issue, for us, our sustainability concerns run deeper than that.

We deal in clean up and waste for the clients we work with. This means how we handle that becomes an opportunity to impact their strides on greener issues.

And then of course there is the impact of running a business with staff. There are questions on how we keep our own office, what our uniforms are made of and how our operatives travel.

We recognise sustainability as a journey and we are embracing ours.

Our sustainability pledge

What we already do

Our 4D commercial cleaning services* provide:

  • Cleaning with antimicrobial coatings and eco-friendly products, to help stop germs in their tracks (99.95% effective)
  • A vastly reduced need for water (75% reduction on water bills)
  • A reduced need for electricity
  • A reduction in waste (we do not use disposable products where possible - we opt instead for recycled and recyclable tools - towels, solution bottles, etc)

*4D refers to the revolutionary approach to cleaning spaces which includes looking at air, walls and ceilings, floors and surfaces. It is a more holistic approach to germ control.

All our products are delivered concentrated and in bulk packages and stored in reusable bottles/containers to reduce our carbon footprint and waste.

On-site our staff are always instructed to consider greener options, flagging any opportunities for improvement to management who then discuss further eco-options with clients. This is after our initial onboarding client meeting where we assess the site not only for service offers but for improved practice in cleaning and waste management.

Our employees are encouraged to travel to their work sites by the greenest transport options available to them. We encourage bicycle use where possible.

Within our office, we try to be paperless in our communications. Where we need stationary; advertising materials /labels, business cards, and leaflets are made from recycled paper. Anything that is regarded as recyclable waste is recycled.

The energy we use at the office is also important, so we power down when we leave each day. We use LED bulbs to reduce energy use and always consider temperature control, whether that is through the use of heat, or by excluding drafts to keep heat in.

1% for the planet logo

We regularly donate to 1% for the planet, a movement and foundation set up to fund important environmental work locally and globally. We are extremely proud to partner this cause and hope you will join us in doing so.

What we are working on

Currently, we are working on a few projects, next steps to a greener future if you will.

Firstly, we are working on a new uniform that is made from recycled materials, which is both easy to clean and reduces ironing time, as well as recyclable at the end of its life.

Secondly, we are looking to think beyond our work environments to see how we can help our community. This means seeking out community and beach clean-ups.

News of all of this will appear on the blog as it happens.

What we plan to do next

We think that it is important to say that our sustainable company journey is still a journey. This means taking time to observe, listen, discuss and be open to further change. 

The future of our planet demands this of us.

This is why we are committed to researching new advances in our industry, in business operations and keeping ourselves up-to-date with environmental studies.