Sustainable services

We are all being asked to become net zero by 2050, under the UK’s Net Zero Strategy, but there is so much to think about. Not only do you have to consider your own approach to emissions, but you also need to start choosing to work with companies that are making strides towards that same goal.

Here at Eco Drift Ltd, we believe we can help you achieve a more holistic move towards sustainability, through your commercial cleaning strategy and we are here to help you with that!

You see, to us, it isn’t just about reducing emissions. Lessening further harm to the planet is about reducing waste and overuse of the Earth’s natural resources. It is also about considering how we design, manufacture and deliver our products and services.

On-site we provide commercial cleaning services that, thanks to our unique cleaning formula and state-of-the-art technology, provide:

  • Harsh chemical-free cleaning with antimicrobial coatings, to help stop germs in their tracks (99.95% effective)
  • A vastly reduced need for water (75% reduction on water bills)
  • A reduced need for electricity
  • A reduction in waste (we do not use disposable products where possible - we opt instead for recycled and recyclable tools (towels, solution bottles, etc)

Our services and products have been awarded several recognised certificates.

cradle to cradle logo EU Ecolable logo

Staff and material equipment are also an eco-priority for us. We strive to use uniforms, towels and other material equipment made from recycled plastic bottles and we will participate in the schemes for recycling our used garments. Recycling our garments with the same supplier helps close the loop on manufacturing so that used garments become

  • New workwear garments
  • Construction materials, such as soundproofing and insulation
  • Polyester textiles
  • Components of energy production

All our employees are trained in recycling too, meaning that where possible waste gets recycled and doesn’t end up in landfill. We also work closely with all our clients and partners to entice recycling in their facilities, making sure that the operation of their day-to-day business becomes more sustainable.

Who we serve

Our sustainable services are available across a wide range of Reading and Hampshire businesses, from office cleaning to the educational sector, food industry and healthcare.

In this area of the UK, we are proud to say that we are the ONLY commercial cleaning service partner that offers a holistic approach to sustainable green methodologies.

How you can work with Eco Drift Commercial Cleaning Services

Get in touch today to book an onsite meeting. We will take you through our service offer to help you tailor it for your specific industry compliance, finding the best fit for your clients and staff.

Here’s a guide to our commercial cleaning service options.

What our clients say

Don’t just take our word for what we do, hear it from some of our clients.

“Eco Drift has cleaned the communal areas and provided a deep clean service within our business centre for just two and a half years now. The team is efficient, reliable, and courteous and no task is too large! We are so confident in the services that Eco Drift offers that we have referred them to 14 of our office clients, for whom they now clean their offices on a regular basis.”

Julie Webber Centre Manager, Pure Offices


“Eco Drift has been cleaning The Blade for nearly two years. We are very happy with the service that we receive, we have great communication with Antoni and if there are ever any issues these are dealt with very quickly. The cleaners are on-site are always very friendly and polite and form part of the team here!”

Anderson Property Manager, the Blade - Reading


“Eco Drift has been our cleaning company of choice since 2012. Their high standard of cleaning and customer service is far superior to any other cleaning company I have ever worked with. I am often asked by companies for details of a reliable and trustworthy cleaning contractor and always recommend Eco Drift, without hesitation. Their cleaning team are always an efficient and friendly team and I know that they will always do an excellent job”

Karen Tyrrell Head of Marketing & Client Services, Lakeside North Harbour

Our pledge to take sustainability further

As we said, being truly sustainable is part of our mission and this goes beyond the 2050 pledge. We are taking innovative steps towards every area of our business. One of our latest projects is looking at our material-based products and we are now switching all uniforms and towels to those made from exclusively recycled materials.

Come on the journey with us and let’s build better, greener businesses.