Eco-Drift celebrates as runner-up in the "Net Zero journey of the year"

We are thrilled to announce that Eco-Drift Commercial Cleaning were runners-up in The Big Sustainability Expo 2023 for the "Net Zero journey of the year"!

It may not have been the win, but it is recognition for some serious hard work. For that, we are grateful.

Thank you to Heather, our Customer Relationship Manager and Adi, our Area Supervisor, for attending the event. It looks like you had fun!

Thank you to the Southern Sustainability Partnership judges and team for a fantastic night.

And most importantly, thank you to the Eco Drift Team, who have all played their part in our continuing journey towards carbon neutrality. Your dedication and hard work have been recognised tonight. Let's keep going. We can do this!

Our net zero journey so far

We've made big moves this year, from honing our environmentally friendly cleaning solution range to being more responsible about travel. We've also invested in new initiatives like outfitting our staff in uniforms from sustainable closed-loop manufacturing.

Outside our immediate business, we've also worked with our clients to help them fulfil their ESG targets through better cleaning and recycling practices.

We welcome you to read more about our environmental journey in our recent blog post, "Eco-Drift News: Our important eco journey this year and next steps".

What's our latest environmental project?

Eco-Drift is launching our Recycle Paper Cups Initiative at Lakeside North Harbour very soon. The location will be our flagship site for the initiative, where we aim to help clients reduce the disposable coffee cup waste that would otherwise go to landfills by recycling it through a unique programme in conjunction with First Mile.

You can read more about our plans at Exciting News! Find out about our new "Recycle Paper Cups Initiative."

Thank you again to the Southern Sustainability Partnership for your recognition; it really means a lot.